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Welcome to the Directorate of Postgraduate Studies

Prior to year 2003, the then Directorate of Postgraduate studies, Research and Publications was responsible for postgraduate studies, as well as research and publication matters. With expanding roles and strive for high quality postgraduate education, research and publication, it became necessary to establish two separate directorates. Thus, in July 2003, two new directorates were established, namely: the Directorate of Postgraduate Studies (DPGS) and the Directorate of Research and Publications. The former is responsible for higher education beyond the first degree, while the latter takes care of all research and publication matters at the University.

The Directorate of Postgraduate Studies is challenged to increase the number of competent and skilled human capital for addressing emerging and re-emerging communicable diseases, non-communicable diseases in the country as well as produce human capital that has appropriate skills for research and delivery of quality services to the communities they serve.
The basic function of the DPGS is to coordinate all matters related to provision of higher education beyond the first degree. Currently, the Directorate offers a total of 66 Master degree programmes, plus PhD and Postdoctoral Programmes in various disciplines.
In the academic year 2015/2016, the Directorate has registered 352 first year postgraduate students in various Master degree programmes, females are 133 (37.8%) and males are 219 (62.2%). A total of 45 students are currently registered for PhD programmes of which 16 (36%) are female and 29 (64%) are males.



Contact US

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Tel: Direct: + 255-22-2151378,
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